Our Faith

My Christian coaching practice strives to give Christians a strong bond with God. It shows them ways to see God in different lights and have them lean into their faith to help guide themselves into their goals. Not a Christian? That does not mean you are not a perfect fit; it means you are still a great fit. Brittany will work with you no matter your faith and tailor your journey into what you need in life with your higher coach. to ask you exactly what you are asking for, I just really specialize in Christianity but I love helping all types of people no matter the faith, helping you connect to your spiral connections, why would you not go through life with a high coach to strive to them turn into thriving then turning into peace and harmony, it is not always with stainable with 10 to 15% of stress in your life if you join Brittany but we live in the real world with real problem with button pusher with leaning into tress but Brittany gives you the tools to not lean into your stress to really change your life. We welcome faith of all types. Bring the high energy of god into the world.


These are just a few of the charities we support

Our mission is simple. Simply Dad is a foundation solely focused on assisting American families dealing with the worst loss imaginable. Mom.

Adoption Story Fund is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that was established because the adoption experience needs to change.

UCP is committed to creating possibilities and nurturing opportunities for those with disabilities.

Shannon believes that our greatest accomplishments in life often come from our greatest challenges.
Her dream of healthy children was shattered in 2002 when her triplets were born four months

The Project Walk Foundation – Phoenix Chapter, is dedicated to improving the quality of life of persons with various spinal cord injuries and neurological disorders in Phoenix, Arizona, and in various surrounding areas throughout Northern, Central, and Southern Arizona.